One Year Limited Warranty

The limits of the limited warranty (“Warranty”) are listed below. 

What is covered

The Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship that are reported to VitalNomad LLC (“VitalNomad”) within one year from the date of the original purchase.

What is not covered

VitalNomad does not warrant against normal wear and tear, or damage caused by improper or unreasonable use, accident, neglect, exposure to water or fire, improper wiring or installation, or abuse. If the product is altered or modified, the warranty will be void. The battery may not last as long as the warranty period and is not covered by the Warranty.

Who is covered

The original purchaser of the product. 

What we will do if there is a problem
VitalNomad, at its sole discretion, will determine if the product is defective and covered by the Warranty.  If VitalNomad deems the product is defective, it will repair or replace the product as the original purchaser’s sole remedy to the problem. If the product cannot be repaired and there is no direct replacement available, VitalNomad will replace the product with the closest equivalent as the original purchaser’s sole remedy to the problem.

How to submit a claim

To submit a claim under this warranty, please send an email to:, include “Warranty Claim” in the subject, a description of the problem you are having, and proof of purchase. Purchaser is responsible for shipping the product to VitalNomad and the shipping costs to send the product back to the purchaser if sending outside the USA. The purchaser is responsible for insuring the product during shipment and assumes all risks of loss or damage during shipment. The sender should assume that once the product is sent to VitalNomad any data associated with the product will no longer be accessible to the sender.  



The maximum liability of VitalNomad under this Warranty shall not exceed the amount of money paid by the original purchaser. VitalNomad is not responsible for direct, consequential, special, or incidental damages or losses arising from any it’s products or services. You use all VitalNomad products, services, and product information at your own risk. VitalNomad does not guarantee the product or services will work correctly, be reliable, or the product information will be available, accurate, or correct. You accept solely responsible for any and all loss, liability, and damages resulting from the use of VitalNomad products, services, and product information. This Warranty is void if the product was not purchased directly from VitalNomad or a VitalNomad authorized reseller.  If you are unsure about an authorized reseller, please ask the question at


Any Warranty benefits listed above are in addition to rights provided under local consumer laws. gateway

We are currently working on a Wi-Fi gateway (sold separately) that will connect your existing sensors to the internet using your Wi-Fi router so you can get alerts and monitor data 24/7 from anywhere in the world. 

Wireless range

The sensor can send alerts and upload data directly to your phone when you are in wireless range (a gateway is not required). The theoretical wireless range is approximately 300 feet if there are no obstacles. Typically, the range is between 60-120 feet but depends on the environment (piping, obstructions, wall material, etc). In a modern 3,000 square foot home, the sensor can usually be detected in any room.